<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/17/99/44/180622023017.jpg?t=1537385275"><br>If you have always wanted to own a home of your own, but worried about the hassle of yard maintenance, then The Groves is just what the doctor ordered! Unique land planning and house design creates a 5-home courtyard style layout and private outdoor patios. Designed as a town-home alternative, the homes at The Groves feature open, airy interiors, state of the art energy features and, best of all, a wonderful Village One address in Modesto. Neighborhood schools and parks are easily walk-able, and you can be close to shopping, restaurants and the Sierra Foothills, including Yosemite Valley. Oh yes, these homes are affordably priced too&mdash;now this is value!<br>